Youths Matter

Crowdfunding for Today's Youth Activities.

Cookie sales and car washes are now a thing of the past. Youths Matter is at the cutting edge of the new revolution of program sponsorship. Budgets are being slashed... dollars are cherished... futures are at stake. Let's work together to keep our children off the streets, safe, and active!

In the "Digital Era", Youth and Charity programs need a deeper personal connection to maintain support and involvement from the community. Take advantage of today’s social networking culture and reach out to supporters from around the World.

The Youths Matter platform provides a direct connection between the Program and the World allowing supporters to share, promote, engage and be engaged. With Program Rosters, Schedules, News, Messaging, Discounts, and Promotions, staying in touch with the programs/charities you support has never been easier or more rewarding.

It's rare in life to have a three Win opportunity. Youths Matter provides just that... A win for the Program, a win for the Sponsor, and a win for Youth. Join us in this paradigm shift that everyone can appreciate.

Join us, where Youths Matter!

What do you need to know

What is it?

For Supporters, Youths Matters is not only a way to give back, it is also a way to stay in touch. Follow your home team from anywhere and enjoy watching neighbors, friends, family, children, or grandchildren grow as a team.

For Organizations, Youths Matter is a platform that builds financial support for youth activities associated with nonprofits, schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, faith-based organizations, and other community-based recreational organizations. By initiaiting a flow of information back to Supporters, a bond can be fostered regardless of distance. 

In the model of crowdfunding, Supporters interested in seeing organizations succeed in their future endeavors may donate. The Youths Matter mobile app facilitates monetary collection, while also providing users an interactive opportunity to connect with an organization and redeem discounts from other Supporters.

Promote health, leadership, and teamwork.

Youths Matter.

For Organizations

  • Register your organization below
  • Create a group profile and connect a bank account
  • Post Rosters, Schedules, Photos, Videos, News, and Updates
  • Spread the word... promote the Youths Matter App
  • Collect donations
  • Make sure to thank your donors!
  • Promote Discounts, Events, and Fundraising Products
  • Provide discount redemption from the App
  • Broadcast Program updates, changes, and reminders

How does it work?

For Supporters

  • Download the Youths Matter app for your Smartphone
  • Find your favorite organizations
  • Subscribe to their programs
  • Follow Events, Schedules, Rosters, News and Notifications
  • Donate to individual groups at any time
  • Share supported groups with friends and family
  • Redeem coupons directly from your smartphone
  • Purchase fundraising products directly from the phone
  • Sleep better

How do I get Involved?

Being a Supporter Couldn't be Easier!

If you have a smartphone or tablet, then it’s easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Visit your app store & download Youths Matter
  • Fill out a profile or login with Facebook or Google
  • Start browsing, supporting, and taking advantage of all the app has to offer!

The only thing left to do is to share this with yours friends and family. Making a difference in your favorite community couldn’t be easier!

Groups can register on the site and easily setup their data

Through the system they can setup roster, discounts, schedules, news, publish videos and images of their group activities.

Currently we support the following groups:

Boy / Girl Scouts
Religious Groups
Sport Teams
Youth Groups